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Aids Helpline founders c. 1985 reduced (1).jpg
Founder AIDS Helpline volunteers 1985. The arrival of Aids in Northern Ireland stimulated the gay community to respond by Cara – Friend setting up the Northern Ireland Aids Helpline. The organisation eventually became a separate entity and ultimately…

This photograph of Wilma Creith (right) and a friend
from the Belfast Transvestite/ Transsexual Group was
taken at a house party in September 1977. For several
years Wilma was the organiser of the TV/TS group and
with others set up a transgender…

4 University Street, or ‘Number 4’ as it became known,
served as a centre for the gay community in Belfast from early in 1977 to October 1983. The vacant and derelict house was ‘loaned’ to the Gay Liberation Society by QUB. It housed the Cara-Friend…

Phone box in the Cara-Friend office
Phone in the Cara-Friend office. Due to a grant from the Department of Health in 1975 Cara-Friend set up a helpline.) 4 University Street, or ‘Number 4’ as it became known, served as a centre for the gay community in Belfast from early in 1977 to…

A group of friends photographed during a party at 4
University Street, Belfast in the early 1980s. Tim Clarke (seated
centre) was president of NIGRA (Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association) at the time. Brian
Gilmore notes that ‘parties were…

Jeffrey Dudgeon and Richard Kennedy ‘camping it up’
while passing Campling’s butcher shop in Enniskillen at
Easter 1977. Richard served as president of NIGRA for
several years, and was known for his good humour and
wit during meetings.

Jeffrey Dudgeon giving a presentation about the case
he had taken to the European Commission of Human
Rights at the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE)
conference in Nottingham in August 1977. The Belfast
organisations communicated and…

BELUM.W2017.12.9 (1).tif
Monica Coll, one of the volunteers for Lesbian Line in
the Cara-Friend office at 4 University Street. From the
outset Cara-Friend provided support to both gay men
and lesbians. Beginning in 1980, Thursday night was
designated ‘Lesbian Line.’…

BELUM.W2017.10.3 (1).tif
Published from 1972, Gay News was an important
resource for gay men and women in Northern Ireland,
providing information about gay political and social
issues throughout the United Kingdom. In a London
court case the editor of Gay News had been…

IMG_5310 (2)_LI.jpg
An extract from the thirteenth annual report of Cara-Friend, a befriending organisation for gay men and lesbians founded in Belfast in 1974. The extract describes seminars held in Northern Ireland regarding the AIDS crisis and the decision for the…
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