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aids, care and capital (oct 1996).pdf
Magazine article on aids, care and capital with reference to The Rainbow Project.

anti-homophobia week 2012 stickers.pdf

UTV news segment on the wedding of the first same-sex couple to be married in Northern Ireland. Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards-Peoples were married in Carrickfergus on their 6 year anniversary. The report also shows a short clip of the first…

The Queen and I.jpg
A profile of Baroness Titty Von Tramp. This programme is part of The Home Project (episode 4) made for UTV in 2007.

UTV News segment about 2021 census in Northern Ireland. National identity is disscused alongside Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol. This census was the first to include an optional question on sexual orientation. The Rainbow Project welcomed…

Resolutions is a 6 part discussion series broadcast by UTV ( Ulster Television) in 1998. Each week presenter, John Kelly, invites six young adults to challenge conventional opinion on a topic of particular concern to them. This episode involves a…

Counterpoint was a TV Programme broadcast in the 1990's in Northern Ireland on the Ulster Television (UTV) branch of the national television channel ITV. It was a debate format show which encouraged guest speakers to discuss a range of topical…

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Clip of first organised Reclaim The Night Belfast march, broadcast on ITV - Ulster Television (UTV) on 19.11.1987. Reclaim The Night are a feminist group set up in 1977, with a Belfast faction. They organise an annual march in the last week of…

This jumbled footage from the UTV archives (known as camera rushes) shows Murlough Bay, Casement’s childhood home, Magherintemple House and Ballymena Academy which Casement attended.

(Click on the link at the bottom of this page to watch the…
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